Walk through Temperature scanner

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The SE1008 walkthrough human body temperature,features by non-contact IR temperature sensing system, lightweight  and simple operation

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Walk through Temperature scanner

The SE1008 walkthrough human body temperature, features by non-contact IR temperature sensing system, lightweight  and simple operation. Can be set up in under an hour and solves the problem of rapid and non-contact screening of abnormal temperature targets. With high screening accuracy it greatly reduces the risk of staff being exposed to infection, and improves the efficiency of detection and clearance in high crowd situations.

*Non-contact detection mode,2-5cm detection distance

*Real time display human body temperature

*Visual & Sound alars for abnormal temperature over 37°C

*Single infrared sensor, can be upgraded to dual sensor (optional)

*Harmless to the human body


Walk through Temperature Scanner Interface Suppression

21 adjustable working frequency to adjust to eliminate the potential effects from x-ray device, radio and

other electrical interface sources.


Audible and Visual Alarms & Acoustic Alarm Signaling System

Audible alarm and visual LED lights signal when a target has been detected.

Provide ability to randomly alarm on a selected range of tones intensity levels.high volume control dynamic allows operation even in very noisy environment.

Pinpointing Targets

Single zone with 255 grades adjustable sensitivity, can even detect the coin at the middle.

Capable of detecting a wide range of threat metal objects, even for a coin, when someone pass, the positions of the weapons on the person will be indicated by means of illuminated LEDs on both sides of panels. It can detect simultaneously more than three metals in different parts of body.

Optional Accessories

* Crossbar Battery Back-up

Long life crossbar battery back-up in stainless steel case. Support 6h, 12h, 24h of autonomous working time to choose.

* Stainless Steel Deck Dolly

Removable deck dolly with wheels for easily portability. It is applicable to all detectors in today market.

* Wireless/Wire PC Network Control

USB converter for simple connection. Transit statistical data analysis via wire /wireless, managing data From multi detectors.

* Multifunctional Camera

Night Vision(color/black&white)

720P/1080FHD/1296P Resolution

TF card storage

145 wide-angle lens

*Integrated Turnstile for Access Control

Integrated the turnstile into the detectors, when detector alarms, turnstile closes, no entry, otherwise, turnstile opens, allow access.

* Metal Detector Divesting Slope Table

To collect and manage the personal metal Belongings(phone,key,baldric, etc) when in transit, so that it can avoid false alarm.