Mulberry Silk PM2.5 Masks

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100% Mulberry Silk PM2.5 Masks


  • 100% Highest grade Mulberry silk
  • 100% Natural, Safe, Odorless and Hypoallergenic
  • Triple layer
  • Contains a slot to insert a PM2.5 Filter
  • Includes Filter
  • Adjustable Ear-straps
  • Available in a Choice of Colours


Soft, Smooth Skin

Unlike other fibres which can cause friction between your skin and the mask, silk allows the skin to glide across the surface rather than pulling or tugging against the fibres.


Breathable & Temperature Regulating

As a natural fibre, silk allows your skin to breathe, minimising irritation. Gentle on your skin, this sensitive-skin-friendly fibre is also temperature regulating, ensuring you hours of wearing your mask comfortably.


Naturally Hydrating

Naturally hydrating, silk helps keep moisture close to your skin, meaning it won’t absorb your skin’s natural moisture as many other fabrics of choice.


Luxury, Redefined

Silk is a true luxury experience. There’s simply no better feeling than the soft, smooth and luxurious feel of silk against your skin. This must-have for year-round comfort will change your perception of mask wearing, and is one luxury worth having.



Why Mulberry Silk is Different from Other Kinds of Silk

Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available for purchase. The unique thing about Mulberry silk is how it is produced. Mulberry silk is more refined than other types of silk.

Other types of silks such as wild silk or Habotai silk are less uniform in color and texture, with shorter strands. Products made from 100% Mulberry silk are among the most durable and produce the most luxurious silk goods.


Mulberry Silk is 100% Natural, Odorless and Hypoallergenic

One of the unique benefits of Mulberry silk is that it is 100% natural, odorless and hypoallergenic. Mulberry silk contains a natural protein called sericin that reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction. Therefore, Mulberry masks are a healthy and safe choice for those with allergies or reaction to other masks.


How long does our Mulberry Silk Masks last?

  • Our Masks can last up to a year with continual wash and filter changing*. The Mask combined with the filter offer an advanced level of protection. With continuous usage, the filters should be changed every 48-72 hours.
  • To wash mask, Remove the filter and then put the mask in soap diluted with warm water. Gently knead, clean and dry for a few hours.
  • Please do not soak in water for a long time and do not bleach, so as not to cause mask distortion and reduce the filtration effectiveness.

What does our Mask filter?

  • Particulate Matter (PM) including PM10, PM2.5, and PM0.3. These are the sort of particles you find in coal dust from power stations, diesel exhaust fumes, factory emissions and from construction works.
  • Gas-based air pollution, including odors such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Ozone, Benzathine, and Formaldehyde. These particulates you can find in petrol fumes, chemical emissions and from many industrial processes.


  • Other airborne irritants or allergens such as dust, most odors, pet allergens, and pollen.


Disclaimer: These masks offer a 3 layer barrier + internal filter, however social distancing should still be practiced. These masks are not intended to replace FFP2 or medical protection.


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