About Us

Containthespread.eu was founded in Malta, early in March 2020, and was founded on the principles of utilizing our combined 14years of sourcing experience, together with a worldwide network of suppliers that work with us to effectively, contain the spread. Our offices are in sunny Malta, with a main office, a distribution outlet and a growing number of Reseller outlets. We have a network of factories that provide us with raw materials and key factories that put together the masks to the highest standards. We specialize in finding premium materials and putting them together into a premium product that is safe, and comfortable. We offer 2-3 day delivery for non-customised masks in Malta. We have factories that collaborate with us all over Europe and the Far East. We can fully customize masks with edge to edge print, with masks be made for each client, which means you’re not limited to a particular colour or any limitations on how you’d want your branding to be positioned on masks. We have a distribution Centre on Mainland Europe and we can produce and deliver Masks anywhere in Europe in Under 14 days.